A wheel that spins forever; a bird that never quenches its thirst; a clock that never stops ticking, an endless source of free energy. These are but the dreams of inventors striving to make perpetual motion machines, machines that can work forever without any energy input.

Are these machines possible without violating the laws of physics?



In the Bible, the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden wasn’t an apple.

Genesis describes the forbidden object with the Hebrew word peri, which is a generic term for “fruit.” Scholars have speculated that the fruit may have been a fig, a grape, a pomegranate, or even a nut.

The apple misconception may have germinatedafter the Bible was translated into Latin, because the Latin word for “evil,” malum, is similar to mālum, which is the Latin word for “apple.”


China is planning to build the world largest Particle Collider in 2020,​ twice the size of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.


UFOs have been reported in every corner of the US. It turns out some spots are better than others.

The map of UFO sightings by California-based tech firm FindTheBest, was made via information from over 61,000 reports, then they build the per capita number.


For generations, Bolivians have used a highly endangered species of armadillos  to make musical instruments – Charangos.

But now the police are trying to stop the killing of the animals.


Experts in Poland have claimed that a German train packed with treasures has been recently discovered in Ksiaz Castle by treasure hunters.