Execution by elephant was commonly used in South and Southeast Asia for centuries because, unlike the horse, the elephant has no qualms about killing humans, and can be trained in detail: told to make the death quick and merciful (crush the head) or prolonged and painful (tear limb from limb)

The world’s heaviest currency is the Rai stone. They’re found on the island of Yap and weigh up to 7.6 tons.

After they died, the musicians from the Titanic were billed for their uniforms!

The musicians were contracted by Liverpool firm C.W. & F.N. Black, who provided musicians for most British ships. And, for whatever reason, the firm did not have insurance to cover their Titanic performers. Because of this, after the tragedy, C.W. and F.N. sent the following letter to the father of John Hume:

“We shall be obliged if you will remit us the sum of 5s. 4d., which is owing to us as per enclosed statement. We shall also be obliged if you will settle the enclosed uniform account.”

Hume’s father did not settle the bill, instead choosing to reprint the letter in the Amalgamated Musicians Union’s monthly newsletter, where it caused quite a stir.


Mount Owen Moa

In 1986 an expedition was making its deeper and deeper into the cave system of Mount Owen in New Zealand when it came across the huge claw you’re now looking at. It was so well preserved that it almost seemed like whatever it belonged to had just died recently. Upon excavation and inspection, however, it was determined to belong to an Upland Moa, a large prehistoric bird that apparently came with a nasty set of claws.